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I know I told Kael I couldn’t give him a big birthday or many presents…but I WANT to. He is going to make so many new friends that I would love to invite to a little party for him..

I’m thinking that maybe I can take some student aid if there is any left after I pay everyone back..and throw him a small party.

I’ve figured out what I am doing for his pictures, but as far as christmas its going to be whatever I can find at thrift and outlet stores. 

Thanks for the advice everyone! I’ve decided to fill out the forms, get the shot record and everything. I know this will work out. It’s going to be hard…but worth it. I’ve managed to gather up about 150 dollars…just 350 more..Not sure where I’m going to find it..but Imma try!

I do have the go fund me if anyone would like to assist, it would mean a lot.


I write sins not five page research papers

Advice? Anyone? What would you do if you were in my shoes? (The whole school situation)

I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep. I’m stressing so hard. Do I want to put Kael in this school knowing that it’s only going to leave us with 300 a month for food and anything else that comes up?

That means no Christmas, no birthday, no yearly pictures… We just won’t be able to afford it. I talked to Kael, I sat him down and explained just that to him. That he wouldn’t get more then one or two presents from mommy and daddy on those days. He actually thought about it and said, “that’s okay mommy I want to learn. I want to go to school.”

It’s only until summer, come tax time we are paying off our loans! That will open up a lot. Just a few months of struggle. I’m use to struggling and while these 6 months of not having to stress over money have been blissful..I know I can make it through again.

More stress along with school, more stress means more fighting with Dustin…is this really worth it? Everything has almost fallen into place and my mother instinct is screaming yes..but I’m scared. Kael is worth any and every sacrifice and deserves the very best.

My mind hurts.

Stress stress stress! :/

Filling out Kaels registration forms because I am so confident we will find a way to get him in this school.

On another note, my kid in school?!!

School, soccer… gosh.

I’m going to post this here, I’ve asked everyone in my and dustins family for help…and no one can. I want him to go to this school…we can afford it monthly but didn’t expect him to even get in! I didn’t realize the tuition was drafted a month in advance so we have to come up with 235 plus the 240 for the application fee and student fee.If you would like to help us out and donate anything at all it would mean the world to us. If I can raise ANYTHING at all maybe my family won’t shoot down the thought of 500 dollars. 2-3 is a lot easier to swallow. I hate taking help from anybody…but in this case it’s for Kael so I will swallow my pride again and ask. Feel free to share.

Thanks guys.

go fund me link

Schools website that he would be going to

So, Kaels school.

He got the spot we figured out the ride situation, but we have to come up with 500 dollars for the first months tuition I didn’t expect to pay till well this month. Apparently they take out a month in advance, (take out august for when they start in September). so I have to pay the tuition and the 125 for the application and fees.

I want to do this so bad, but my mom is insisting Kael is to young to start school. He will be 4 in November. What do I do? The 500 is due before September 2ed.. I can’t stand the fact that I might have to ask to borrow it from someone. I also know that if they come back to mom then she will say he isn’t ready and they will believe her.

This spot is 1/120 people. There are that many people on the waiting list for the 3-k spots. It’s one of the best schools in our area. The reality of the situation is my friend was able to get us into the LAST spot with reduced tuition that we can afford. Plus he takes priority when it comes to moving up to pre-k. I don’t want him getting stuck in a public school with teachers who don’t care and kids that get all the attention just because they are disruptive and demand it.

Is 3 years 10 months 2 young for school?

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I’m actually going to go cold turkey next week! School starts. D: