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I made the hardest decision I’ve made in a long time tonight.

After all our hard work, all our prayers, all the begging and borrowing we’ve decided to pull Kael out of school. The final straw was when he lost his ride to school every morning. We literally have NO way to get him to school. No one can help…our hand was pretty much forced. This school, this AMAZING school…one of the TOP schools in Baton Rouge..and he can’t go.

So much has happened in the last month since he has started and when I weigh the pros and cons..the cons vastly outweigh the pros. Since starting his whole attitude has gone to shit. He is completely disrespectful, laughing when I get upset, telling awful lies, hitting, tantrums…and I know they are all learned behaviors like those that he will face next year as well..but..

Today I talked to his teacher and she told me she had to send him to the office because he was screaming frozen lyrics at the top of his voice in time out. Being disrespectful to the point of her not even being able to teach.

All that could be over looked if I felt he were actually LEARNING. He has supposedly learned “A” and “B” but he can’t recognize them, write them, tell me what sound they make…

Financially we are in debt for the first time in awhile. I’m talking hundreds of dollars in debt. We got hit with so much and since I set up over draft protection for his tuition its cost us 200 dollars in fees. Now faced with the fact that I might lose my income it just seems unavoidable.

I feel like a failure. I’m letting my son down. I’m taking away the best that he could have. As a parent it’s my job to make sure that he has the best. I worked SO hard for him and now I’m just a let down. He’s not going to understand why he can’t go to school anymore. Sure he has been bad..but he loves going to school and I am taking that away.

Someone please tell me what to do. Tell me I’m not a piece of shit.

Because I’ve gone 3 years without a severe seizure they are probably going to take my ssi away.

I’m being reevaluated and I am scared to death. If I lose it..I lose everything. I’m trying to go to school so that one day I won’t need the Ssi. I can support myself.

I’m praying that since my scans show that I do have actual brain damage..they”ll leave me alone. I said it’s been 3 years..I still have shaking fits and small episodes in high stress situations but I don’t think that’s enough.

So so so scared.

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