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Well hello there!
small icon Pictures, Images and PhotosMy name is Rebekah, call me Beka.
small icon Pictures, Images and PhotosI am 22 years young.
small icon Pictures, Images and PhotosI became a teenage statistic on November 9th 2010. I gave birth to my son Kael Thomas who is 3 years old.
small icon Pictures, Images and Photos I am breaking down the stereotype that young moms can't be good mothers. One day at a time.
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small icon Pictures, Images and PhotosThis blog follows my struggles and my triumphs as a mother. Care to follow?
---I promise it will be an adventure.

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danixoeyandaudree replied to your post “danixoeyandaudree replied to your post “Opinions please: I’m super…”

Gahhhhhh Baby I dont know :(

There needs to be two of me.


pickyourheartupoffthefloor answered to your post “Opinions please: I’m super conflicted about what I should do. Kael…”

can someone else in class give you the info from class? or can you email/call her for it after?

I’m a discussion learner..even if I got notes I doubt I would really be able to absorb it, :( I don’t know what to do. Recording is against policy. She seems like one of those hard asses too. BUT I did email her about this. So….we’ll see.

danixoeyandaudree replied to your post “Opinions please: I’m super conflicted about what I should do. Kael…”

I would take him, maybe a little early even and be there. I wouldnt miss it personally. But I understand the issue. Is it possible to email the prof and say I will be late because of reason.

 I’m a discussion learner, I’m that kid that asks 50 questions. If I’m not there to get her to clarify what I might not be grasping, I might be lost for the next week. It’s happened before. I would ask someone to record the lecture but it’s against school policy. I can always copy someones notes but that’s just not how I learn. I emailed her hoping maybe she will work with me, at least on the homework.

Also his class starts at 9am mine ends at 9:45….and it takes 40 minutes to get there. :( I can’t take him early they don’t allow it.).

Opinions please:

I’m super conflicted about what I should do.

Kael starts school on Tuesday..right when I have my first class. The professor covers a lot of material pretty quickly and assigns nightly homework. I’m worried if I miss, not only will she not take this weekends homework but I will be confused for that nights homework as well.

Then on the other side, ITS KAELS FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. A first I will never get to experience again. It’s not like I can say, “Oh well I’ll be there for the next kid.” There won’t be anymore kids.

What would you do?


me: i just did 5 squats why am i still fat


it must be really wild to actually have a positive relationship with your father



some people really have that????

that’s incredibe

So a really sweet guy helped me with some of the crap I had lug to the shuttle bus that went to the next campus. We started talking and clicked instantly. He envisioned helping others like me, and we had a lot of similar likes. The bus hit a bump and I almost fell on his lap. We both laughed and I apologized for being a hot mess since we were in cramped seats. After a quick glance at my rings he said it wasn’t a problem and that I was absolutely beautiful but never tried to take it further than that just respectful and sweet.

It was strange, guys don’t talk to me. I was flustered but it was nice to have a comfortable conversation with someone.

I love Dustin with all my heart truly I do. The only thing I wish was that he had a passion for people, love and compassion. I wonder sometimes innocently if I had explored a little more what life would be like. Then too I’m glad I didn’t. I found my match after dating one other person. How many other people can say that?

Even if he does hate people…..and most things…he’s a good man.

In case you didn’t realize Kaels going to pre-k 4!

He starts Monday, my baby!!

I’m to proud to be sad!