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Well hello there!
small icon Pictures, Images and PhotosMy name is Rebekah, call me Beka.
small icon Pictures, Images and PhotosI am 22 years young.
small icon Pictures, Images and PhotosI became a teenage statistic on November 9th 2010. I gave birth to my son Kael Thomas who is 3 years old.
small icon Pictures, Images and Photos I am breaking down the stereotype that young moms can't be good mothers. One day at a time.
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small icon Pictures, Images and PhotosThis blog follows my struggles and my triumphs as a mother. Care to follow?
---I promise it will be an adventure.

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danixoeyandaudree replied to your post “Day 3 of no coffee, fast food, or soda. Even though Dustin wanted…”

You can do it love. I need to start doing this too. It’s harder than it sounds on paper. I proud of you for trying!

It’s like falling back in step with my old ways (the healthy ones). It’s better, I know in a week or two once my body cleanses its self it won’t be quite so hard.

You can do it! Lets do it together! <3

Day 3 of no coffee, fast food, or soda. Even though Dustin wanted pizza I fixed zucchini with a alfredo sauce. For dinner he’s having hot wings and fries, I’m having half a terkey sandwich and Apples. Usually I would have had 3 sodas and two coffees over the last 3 days.

Slow and steady.. I’m starting zumba soon as well. Scale says 168. Goal is 155.

horror-mama replied to your post: anonymous asked:I thought you wer…

Little bitch ass anon. COME OUT AND SAY IT TO MY FACE. Fuck this guy. I’m mad now.

It’s sad because I almost didn’t post this, I am so ashamed of myself right now. I was looking for support because so many wonderful people have and still do support me. There will always be people who have to step on you when you are down. 

Also, I love you.

Anonymous whispered : I thought you were looking fat!


You know that 1/3 of gastric sleeve patients gain ALL of their weight back?

I’m going to confess. For the past month I’ve been stress eating. Massivly stress eating. Fast food, soda, candy, cookies, I’ve fallen right back in to that “food is my comfort.” and the mentality, “fuck it, I’ve already gained 12 pounds and none of my clothes fit.” I stepped on the scale and that 171 slapped me in the face. I worked so very hard to get down to my 160…and it was so easy to jump right back over it. I find myself craving that sprite, that grande frap, those chips, pizza……..It’s so unhealthy and I just want to cry. None of my pants fit me, its horrifying. 

Tonight though, instead of getting that pint of icecream I grabbed a rice cake. I haven’t had a soda or a frap today, which is surprisingly pathetic to say. I’m not over eating at meals…..I’m just eating every 30 minutes and eating the wrong things. I’ve started just going along with Dustin again, stopped cooking and just going for something quick instead. I’ve stopped going to the gym completely, opting instead to play wow..which usually involves mindless snacking. 

 I can see myself on that bad path again. I’m stopping it here. Now. Even if I have to train myself all over again to ignore those fast food joints and sodas. The hardest to break will be my coffee. …I’m going to do it though. 

My light bill jumped up 40 dollars this month. 

Besides work today, today has been truly awful. My car decided to fu*k up AGAIN. Yesterday on my way to baton rouge my grill decided to fly off my car. Lovely right? I let my insurance know since the body shop that previously fixed my front bumper blew off my concerns about it still moving slightly. I’m LUCKY the whole damn bumper didn’t come down. I hope that my insurance will find the body shop at fault and have them fix it at no cost to me since I did report the concern to them. I was on my phone for 3 hours fighting with this crap and then another one with the cable company trying to get them to fix my issues. I’m paying a stupid amount of money for internet and cable that don’t work half the time.

What really sucks? I won’t get to live in my new house until I can get my car fixed because it’s not safe to drive. (The whole wheel wall is missing on my passenger side.) I might have to wait TWO WEEKS. Plus, it might still have to come out of pocket? Where the hell am I going to get that kind of money. 



My phone died and I didn’t even care, it’s been that kind of day. My night is going to consist of Fresh Prince and chocolate rice cakes.

Also, Maci stop being passive aggressive and try calling me. You would have seen my phone was turned off.

Anonymous whispered : have you actually seen a girl on her period??





homework on the weekends is legal but gay marriage isn’t what is wrong with society


"All these young girls getting themselves pregnant"

Wow, self impregnating teenage girls, these men should be afraid, we as woman are evolving at alarming rates.