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Because I’ve gone 3 years without a severe seizure they are probably going to take my ssi away.

I’m being reevaluated and I am scared to death. If I lose it..I lose everything. I’m trying to go to school so that one day I won’t need the Ssi. I can support myself.

I’m praying that since my scans show that I do have actual brain damage..they”ll leave me alone. I said it’s been 3 years..I still have shaking fits and small episodes in high stress situations but I don’t think that’s enough.

So so so scared.

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Happy birthday you beautiful perfect lady

Thank you my favorite! <3

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Happy Birthday!!

Thank you!!






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Baby :( Food bank it up love. Im so sorry. When it rains it pours, BUT that rainbow is closer than you think.
I am actually considering the food bank pretty hard. I always said I wouldn’t take advantage of it..take it from the people who really need it but…now we are those people. We don’t qualify for foodstamps so its pretty much roman for us till the middle of next year when we get some of this stuff paid off.
The struggle is real, Lol.

In the past two weeks

-I’ve had to set up over draft protection which charges a 40 dollar fee but will pay my charges. I had to do this because my credit card refused to transfer my balance to my bank account which I was relying on to pay Kaels now I’m getting hit with that. 

-I got a fu*king speeding ticket (my first one) That’s 190.00

-Kaels school has thrown over 60 dollars in extra fees at me

-Dustin went over his data which cost us almost 70 extra dollars so we are behind on that

-I had to overdraft my credit card to pay for my gas

-I got really sick and have had to fork out 50 dollars for medicine

-plus the 100 dollar co-pay

-My old apartment we were evicted from called me and told me they were filing suit unless we set up a payment plan.

It was like as soon as I figured out a way to squeeze Kaels tuition in..granted I knew it would make our life hard…All this shit hit us in the face. We can’t even afford food. Much less a birthday party for my kid. Christmas is laughable as well.

I feel like such a failure because I’ve always balanced our bills perfectly. I knew this adjustment month would be hard..but shit. We are in a really deep hole and I don’t see how we are going to get out.

Anyone got a few hundred to spare?

3 dollars for a loaf of bread?